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  • Khalid El Khatib

    Khalid El Khatib

    Writer and Marketer. Arab heritage, Iowa roots, New York energy.

  • Dany Sigwalt

    Dany Sigwalt

    dany is a DC native, parent, and Co-ED of Power Shift Network. she is working for climate justice, liberation and healing for Black folks & all people.

  • Duchess Harris, JD, PhD

    Duchess Harris, JD, PhD

    Duchess Harris is a Professor of American Studies at Macalester College. You can follow her at www.duchessharris.com.

  • joseph osmundson

    joseph osmundson

    Scientist, writer, podcast host. PhD in Molecular Microbiology. Professor, Plant Dad. www.food4thotpodcast.com and www.josephosmundson.com

  • Evan Altman

    Evan Altman

    Alum of Mayor Pete & Hillary Clinton|neoliberal|passionate about making partisanship about actual policy, not personal identification.

  • Melissa Miles McCarter

    Melissa Miles McCarter

    Mommy who writes on the side about mental health, family, pop culture, feminism, and more. Editor of Popoff.us — Find out more linktr.ee/lissahoop

  • Jonathan Fulton

    Jonathan Fulton

    Architect at ID.me. Formerly SVP Product & Engineering at Storyblocks, McKinsey consultant, software engineer at APT. Catholic, husband, father of three.

  • Haseeb Qureshi

    Haseeb Qureshi

    Investor at Dragonfly Capital. Formerly Metastable, @Airbnb, @earndotcom. Writer. Effective Altruist. Former poker pro. One always finds one's burden again.

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